Alex ‘is a clone of Peter Andre’ says Katie

Katie Price’s husband Alex Reid has allegedly moved out of their marital home amid reports that she has branded him a clone of her ex Peter Andre.

According to Mail Online the cage fighter has left while the pair apparently prepare to release a statement detailing their separation.

However Katie – aka glamour model Jordan – told the News Of The World she wants him “out of her life” after branding him a “fame-hungry sponger”.

“He started to become just like Pete and I didn’t like him any more,” she told the paper. “I didn’t want another fame obsessed man. That’s not what I married.”

“I thought Alex was an easy-going athlete who had no interest in showbiz, fame or wanting a TV career like Pete,” Katie added.

“He was the opposite of all that, just an ordinary bloke.But as soon as he got to my world he wanted to be in it himself. He wanted to become a TV personality like me, a magazine columnist like me and advertise clothes like me. I hated that.

“He became a fame-hungry sponger, a clone of Pete and I realised there was no love there.”

A spokesperson confirmed that Katie and Alex had discussed a divorce statement last week, but had delayed releasing it to allow him time to discuss matters with her.

The couple were married in Las Vegas in February 2010 shortly after Alex was crowned winner of Big Brother.