After wowing us on Strictly, Alex Jones talks to TV Times magazine about how The One Show and Strictly (BBC One, Saturday) have changed her life…

If you’d been told 18 months ago where you’d be now, would you have believed it?
“No way, not in a million years. It’s been a complete whirlwind. I’ve met people doing The One Show that I could only ever dream of meeting, and then being part of the whole Strictly bubble – well, they’re both things I always wanted, but never expected to get. I know this will stand out as my happiest time when I look back in years to come.”

What was it like when you found out you’d landed a job presenting The One Show?
“It was weird. The show’s editor called, asking me to go in for a chat, and I knew this was the big one that would change everything. Obviously working on regional TV, your ultimate goal is to work for the BBC, but that big break doesn’t happen for many. I felt incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity and still do. I’ve loved people like Alan Carr for years and now I’ve interviewed him three times! Every week the show seems to get better and better!”

What’s it like working with Matt Baker and Chris Evans on the show?
“They’re both brilliant, poles apart. Chris is awesome. We got on from the minute we met and he really took me under his wing and helped me settle in London when I moved here for The One Show. And Matt is just fantastic – family-orientated and from a children’s TV background, very similar to me. I’ve learnt so much from both of them.”

Did Matt encourage you to take part in Strictly this year?
“Yes. He said ‘Alex, you’ll absolutely love it, just go for it – I’ll hold the fort here.’ Obviously he had an incredible natural dance ability, which I don’t have! But when would I get an opportunity like this again?”

What was it like dancing at Wembley?
“It was one of the highlights of my career, of my life in fact – especially as I thought I might be voted out of the competition in week one. Even James said he was surprised at how rubbish I was! But now he says he couldn’t be prouder. In our eyes we’ve won already in terms of what we set out to achieve, with me coming from nothing to being able to give a competent performance each Saturday.”

And finally, Alex, who do you think will win the Strictly trophy this year?
“Harry. He’s awesome and deserves it and is also a very nice guy.”