Alex Reid gets own reality TV show

Katie Price’s cagefighting boyfriend will soon find himself the star of his own TV documentary as Bravo follow him preparing for the fight of his life.

The six-part series will be followed be coverage of Alex Reid’s fight against the UK’s current Middleweight Ultimate Challenge World Champion Tom ‘Kong’ Watson.

Alex will travel the world to train with the world’s biggest champions and challenge them to fights in everything from Kushti Wrestling to Marma Adi in India.

He will then fight Tom in an effort to be crowned the King of the BAMMA Middleweights.

Alex said: “I’m over the moon to have been given this opportunity to do what I love most. There will be no glitz and no glamour – me for it’s just business.

He added: “I can’t wait to throw myself into learning new skills and bringing something new to the octagon. No doubt there’ll be blood, sweat and frustrations along the way, but I just want to get stuck in.”

Alex Reid: The Fight of His Life will hit TV screens early next year.