Alexander Armstrong: ‘Bowie’s my dream Pointless contestant’

Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong chats to us about getting dressed up for a period drama special of the BBC1 quiz show…

What do you think of your period look?
“People never look better than in period costume, especially men. I rue the day we stopped wearing clothes like this. I would happily spend an extra half hour getting dressed every day if this was the outcome.”

We love your sideburns…
“They just kept flapping down and falling off. I’m sure they had similar problems back in the 18th century…”

What do you think of Richard’s attire?
“Richard normally has ease and grace flowing from him, but he’s stepped into his costume and now he looks like an undertaker. Either that or a very tall Morris dancer.”

What do you enjoy about presenting these celebrity specials?
“I love them, partly because we get to meet such incredible people, but the contestants are terribly misbehaved! Normal people are as good as gold, but with celebrities it’s like feeding time at the zoo!”

Who would you love to have on the show?
“David Bowie would be my dream contestant. I’m a huge fan but they couldn’t get him for the Olympic opening ceremony so I think it would be hard. He may have a different set of priorities though – I would applaud that.”


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