X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has revealed that the show has ripped her family apart.

She told Marie Claire that her mum Melissa – who used to be in hit 1990s group Soul II Soul – found it hard to cope with her daughter being so successful.

The 21-year-old said: “She had Soul II Soul, but it didn’t last as long as she wanted it to last.

“Then I get this big new show, I win it, and it’s weird for her to see this.

“Although she’s proud, it’s like she wants to rewind time to when she was younger, when she didn’t have kids. I’ve never talked about this, by the way. We’re not a perfect family. Things p*** me off.”

The singer – whose hit version of Hallelujah topped the charts last year – explained how her relationship with her mother has always been rocky.

Alexandra told the magazine: “She kicked me out. And from 16 to 18-and-a-half I didn’t speak to my family at all. That was the hardest time of my life.”

The X Factor star has also spoken about the bullying from neighbours that lead to her moving out of her home and her brother Aaron trying trying to kill himself.

She explained: “Every time I come out it’s abusive names. They start singing Hallelujah and shouting ‘Alexandra the b***h’. It upsets me.”

“He (Aaron) wanted to die. He’s going off the rails. He needs a father figure.”

Alex told Marie Claire that she was reluctant to even enter The X Factor: “I remember waking up, and was like, ‘Leave me the f*** alone. Stop talking about X Factor, I don’t want to do it.’ Mum’s already inside with her number, waiting for me… they went ‘no’ to Mum, ‘yes’ to me.”

But the singer explained that she is still very close to judge and mentor Cheryl Cole: “I’m very open with her and she is with me. I tell her lots of things I wouldn’t even tell my sister.”

The present series of The X Factor continues on Saturday.