Alexandra Burke: I haven’t heard from Cheryl

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has revealed that despite being mentored to the title by Cheryl Cole on the 2008 series, she has not spoken to her in more than a year.

The Bad Boys singer – who recently parted company from her record label RCA – told the Mirror that while there was no bad feeling between the pair, their relationship was not as close as it once was.

“I haven’t spoken to Cheryl in over a year – I haven’t seen her, or heard from her,” the singer said.

“We’ve never had an argument or a ‘moment’ or anything – when I see her it’s always fine, just a quick ‘Hi, how are you?’. “Our relationship just fizzled out, I guess. But, as you know, I always wish her well.

She added: “Having said that, I can’t sugar-coat s***.The truth of the matter is, we just don’t speak. But when I see her, I see her.”

Alexandra – who triumphed over JLS in the 2008 X Factor final – has gone on to score a string of hits in the UK charts including Broken Heels, Elephant and her debut single Hallelujah – which broke the record for being the fastest selling single of all time in the UK.

These days however, she has revealed she is aiming for stardom across the pond – and is contemplating a full-time move to the US to focus on her career there.

The singer has already recorded a duet with a ‘big-name US male’ – although has not revealed who it is – and recently performed alongside soul singers Jennifer Holliday and Chaka Khan at New York’s Apollo Theatre.

“New York is one of my favourite places in the world, partly because it reminds me so much of London,” she admitted. “I have sorted out my visa so I can continue working here, and come back and forth if I need to.

“There is no place like home and the UK, London, will always be where my heart is but I am willing, most definitely, to make that move to the States.”

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