Alexandra Burke ‘on break’ from boyfriend

Alexandra Burke has split from her boyfriend because of the pressure of having a “long-distance” relationship.

The singer, 22, who is on her first UK tour, is thought to have started dating actor and childhood friend Nicholas Sagar over a year ago.

But she told The Sun: “At the moment we’re kind of on a break because he lives in LA and it’s long distance. We’re both so busy – I’m on tour and I’m trying to build a new life right now.”

The busy Bad Boys and Hallelujah singer added: “I’m trying to work a band and to be on tour and to perform nearly every night. It’s hard but I’ve got a great team, my family are on the road with me and that’s all I can think about right now.”

When the couple first got together, a source was quoted as saying: “Alex and Nick are very much a couple. He is her first proper boyfriend since winning The X Factor. She has had a thing for Nick for years.”

The former X Factor winner recently hinted that she will be collaborating with someone “huge” on her next album, which is expected to be released this year.

She said: “I can’t say too much because my management will kill me if I let loose. But I have a special duet planned. I have the ideas, the collaborations in my mind – it’s all locked up in my head.”