Alexandra: ‘I can’t wait to sing on X Factor’

Alexandra has revealed that she can’t wait to perform on X Factor and is getting withdrawal symptoms from not performing.

She will appear on this weekend’s live show to sing new single Bad Boys.

Alexandra said: “I look forward to going back and performing on the X Factor – I really just want to get on to the stage – I’m dying to get on stage, I need a microphone in my hand.”

She added: “I’m literally itching and having withdrawal symptoms. I’m looking forward to being back at the Fountain Studios.

“It’s going to get emotional for me I can feel it because that’s where it all started and that’s where it – not ended – but when I was last there was when I won, so it’s going to be scarier going back, I think.”

The winner of 2008’s show has some tips for this year’s hopefuls.

She said: “My advice to this year’s contestants is to always be yourself. In my first two live shows I was being too professional, that was my downfall. It was only when Candy Man came along that was when I got to grips with things and thought to be myself as this is who I am.

“You give a false perseption of yourself if you’re trying to be professional and trying to sugarcoat stuff because you’re on TV. You’re only human, if you make mistakes you make mistakes, it’s going to happen.

“Just be yourself and enjoy, live, be grateful for this opportunity because you don’t want to take it for granted. It’s like the best moments of your life so enjoy it.”