Alice in Wonderland | Tim Burton’s version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale – minus 3D

Alice in Wonderland - Tim Burton’s reworked version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland comes out on Blu-ray and DVD today – exactly 13 weeks after its cinema release.

You’ll probably recall the big dust-up between Disney and some of Europe’s cinema chains over this early release. Major Hollywood movies usually have a four-month window between cinema and DVD outings, and when Disney announced its changed strategy for Alice, the Odeon, Vue and Cineworld chains threatened to boycott the film – Movie Talk’s News Muse gave her view on the row back in February.

Well, the shorter release window doesn’t appear to have harmed Alice at the box office – it’s been one of the year’s biggest hits. And it’ll undoubtedly be a huge seller on DVD too.

At home, you won’t have the benefit of 3D, but that’s not necessarily a great loss – in the cinema, the film’s 3D didn’t exactly add much to the viewing experience, did it? Burton’s Alice still looks great, though, and the hallucinatory visuals are dazzling. Shame about the plot…

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Available on Blu-ray & DVD, and showing on FilmFlex & Sky Box Office, from 4th June.


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