Amanda Redman: ‘I’m scared of losing my marbles’

Amanda Redman has revealed she worries about ageing.

The 56-year-old actress admitted she has fears about growing older.

“I’m fearful about losing my mobility, I’m fearful of losing my brain, or my marbles, like other friends’ parents have, I’m fearful of becoming dependent on people for things that you just don’t want to be dependent on people for, so that I think,” she said.

“And also I’m fearful of mortality as more and more friends and members of family die, frankly. I know that’s a downer but it’s the truth. I think as you get older mortality starts to really hit you in the face. So all of that I don’t like at all.”

Amanda, who played Tommy Cooper’s wife in ITV’s recent drama Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This, admitted she doesn’t like watching herself back on screen with an audience.

“I’m very critical, but I think that you can’t possibly learn unless you watch yourself. But I don’t watch it with other people, because it’d be hideous,” she said.

“So I sit there and talk to the screen and say things like, ‘Oh you silly cow. Why have you done that? I don’t believe you’. But you can only learn by doing that, otherwise you just carry on doing the same old thing.”

She also shrugged off her tag as a sex symbol, saying: “Those labels get put on you. You shouldn’t believe in them.”

– Press Association