We may love Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ caricatures of British people, but it seems that they have a way to go in the United States.

While it hasn’t aired to the public yet, initial reactions of the American version of Little Britain from industry bible Variety are less than favourable, with critic Brian Lowry unimpressed by the duo’s offerings.

“Little Britain USA is mostly just crude, revelling in mock condescension towards American stereotypes,” he wrote.

“The wit level of these over-the-top interludes seldom rises above what’s scrawled on a middle-school bathroom wall. Walliams and Lucas certainly owe a debt to Benny Hill and Monty Python, but their impulses invariably drift below the (freely exposed) belt, going for the easiest possible gag. So there are plenty of drag bits, fat suits and gay jokes, such as Walliams’ fey British prime minister acting like he has a positively giddy crush on the US president (Harry Lennix).”

Brian added: “The series is augmented by the strains of canned laughter that come across as forced each time one of the location bits falls flat.”

Little Britain USA premieres on US screens this weekend.