Amy Winehouse’s Dad Mitch has been given his own showbiz news show – on a new online TV channel.

The taxi driver interviewed David Hasselhoff while driving him around London in his cab for the first episode of Mitch Winehouse’s Showbiz Rant.

The show is part of Living’s new online TV channel Liv, which launched on Monday and is Britain’s first channel of it’s kind.

While talking to Mitch about the taxi driver’s daughter Amy, the Baywatch star explained: “It can be a tough being a girl I think in this world these days.”

The cabbie agreed saying: “Lots of successful women – especially in the music industry – can be vulnerable, this is what I found with Amy. And unfortunately she attracted the wrong kind of people around her.”

David added: “They’re still little girls, no matter how old Amy is she’s still your little girl.”

LIV will feature showbiz news, celebrity interviews and extra features for fans of Living shows such as Britain’s Next Top Model, as well as exclusive programmes for the channel.