So did the BBC just give up their Golden Goose?

Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson may have been suspended ‘following a fracas’, but it seems many people really don’t want to see the controversial presenter go just yet.

People are signing a petition to bring back Jeremy Clarkson.Jeremy with co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond at the 2011 National Television Awards (Ian West/PA)


An online petition emerged shortly after the announcement, asking the BBC to rethink its position and bring Jeremy back on the show.

The petition, started by Guido Fawkes, states: “We the undersigned petition the BBC to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson. Freedom to fracas. #BringBackClarkson.”



Top Gear existed long before Jeremy Clarkson took the helm, but recent events beg the question – does the show have much of a future without the controversial star?



People are signing a petition to bring back Jeremy Clarkson.On the Graham Norton show (Ian West/PA)


Almost 250,000 people – and counting – have signed the petition, with one fan Peter Maxwell writing: “I’m signing because Clarkson is a superb presenter and Top Gear is without doubt one the BBC’s better programmes.

“The viewing figures support this.”

Another petitioner Martin Jones writes: “A minority of over sensitive people should not ruin one of Britons favourite shows.”




Despite past controversies, Jeremy has managed to become central to the show and the Top Gear brand.

Only last year, its head of TV Danny Cohen warned that “no-one is bigger than the club” after a series of racially-fuelled gaffes.



Here’s what football presenter Gary Lineker, who was due to be on the show that will now not be aired on Sunday, had to say about BBC’s decision:


It is believed Jeremy was put on ‘final warning’ in 2014 after racism row over a nursery rhyme, in which he appeared to use the n-word while reciting “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” during the show’s filming.

Not everyone is quite so sympathetic about Clarkson’s plight, though.