Andrea McLean is the first celebrity to be bounced off gymnastics contest Tumble

After more tricks and turns from the 10 celebrity gymnasts in the second round of Tumble, Loose Women’s Andrea McLean found herself in the vault-off against former Blue Peter presenter Peter Duncan and she lost… even though she performed the better vault.

How does that work?

Well, head judge Nadia Comaneci, whose word is final on the vault-off, decided that because Peter attempted the more difficult vault he should stay in the contest.

And he did…Peter did a handspring vault, but his legs were all over the place and he didn’t nail the landing, falling onto his bum.

Andrea performed a straddle vault and nailed the landing perfectly.

Nadia even said: “Andrea did the better vault and better landing.”

But she put Peter through to the next round.

“The vault is like a big, sleeping dragon – and you don’t want to wake it,” said Andrea, before taking her run and jump at it.

Unfortunately, she had to face it and she got burned.

It wasn’t a good night for Andrea even before the vault, though… She was very nervous in her earlier floor routine and it showed. She fumbled a lift but managed to carry on.

Her score of 22/40 reflected her lack of confidence, though.

“My heart went out to you, you showed real guts,” said judge Craig Heap.

“I was so upset that you made the mistake,” added fellow judge Louis Smith. “You stepped it up this week and it was great but we have to judge what we see and you did make a mistake.”

“You were very nervous and it affected your performance,” said Sebastien Stella, the fourth judge.

Peter had scored well for his aerial hoop routine, getting 26/40. But because last week’s score of 23.5/40 was also counted, he found himself in the bottom two.

Former Steps star Ian “H” Watkins showed absolutely no nerves when he took to the aerial hoop. His was a rocking routine with superb skill and strength and he was this week’s top scorer, with 31/40.

“I wanted more,” Nadia told him. “It was very dynamic.”

“You smashed it last week, you smashed it this week. It was unbelievable,” Louis told H.

“You play like a pro,” added Sebastien.

“I loved that performance,” said Craig. “Loved the spin at the end. I’m surprised you could walk in a straight line at the end!”

Former Dynasty star Emma Samms bounced back from last week’s poor score of 21/40 to be this week’s second-highest scorer with 30/40 for her graceful aerial hoop routine.

“The most amazing performance I’ve seen!” Nadia exclaimed.

Former Sugababe Amelle Berrabah scored 29/40 for a floor routine that showed great strength and balance.

“But I want to see you tumble,” said Sebastien.

Nadia agreed. “Now you need to add more gymnastic skills,” she told Amelle.

Ex-EastEnder John Partridge, last week’s top scorer, was tied in fourth place this week with Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding and former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh, each getting 28.5/40 from the judges.

“I don’t want to go from hero to zero in one week,” John said before his routine on the aerial hoop. And he didn’t.

“That routine was really hard,” Sebastien told John. “You used your strength and flexibility. An amazing act.”

Sarah had to perform a floor routine this week and earlier publicity had said her costume would dazzle everyone with its little lights. But a wardrobe malfunction meant that didn’t happen.

“I was short-circuiting!” Sarah laughed, after her performance.

Still, the judges liked what they saw.

“I thought you were great – great flexibility,” said Louis.

Lucy was the real surprise of the night… Bottom of the leaderboard last week with a score of 20/40, she wowed the judges with her aerial hoop performance.

“You made that routine your own. It was like watching a fairytale,” Sebastien told Lucy.

“You are back in the competition,” Craig added.

Actor Bobby Lockwood scored 28/40 for his very lively floor routine.

“You have a real chance of becoming an all-round gymnast,” Craig told Bobby.

World Champion boxer Carl “the Cobra” Froch didn’t have such a good night, scoring 24.5/40 – down 1.5 points on his first week.

Carl was clearly nervous throughout his floor routine – especially about performing a somersault.

‘He’s only hit the deck twice in his boxing career but keeps ending up on his butt with his somersault,” said his partner Sita during training.

And on the night?

“Great somersault but some parts looked rushed,” Louis told Carl.

“We saw a lot of shaking,” added Sebastien.

Let’s see who’s still standing next week, after the celebrity gymnasts have tackled rhythmic gymnastics with props and the trampoline.

Tumble continues on BBC1, August 23, 6.30pm.