Andrew Buchan still can’t believe how successful the ITV murder mystery Broadchurch became.

The actor, who stars in ITV’s new four-part period drama The Great Fire on Thursday, October 16, told TV & Satellite Week that he could never have imagined how popular the 2013 whodunit would be, and that he was plagued by fans of the show asking whether his character, the father of a murdered boy, was the killer.

“It just got so much coverage with people in supermarket checkouts prodding me and saying, ‘Is it you?'” said Andrew. “Anyone and everyone was just asking questions. It was exciting, but it took us all a bit by surprise really. We knew it was a great script and cast, but you can never really predict what kind of thing is going to catch fire, so it was a really nice one to be part of.”

Andy, who has been filming the second series ofBroadchurch, said: “It’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.”

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