Andrew-Lee Potts gets excited about Primeval II

Connor Temple loves working with Cutter and team and, as actor Andrew-Lee Potts explains, he’s thrilled about being part of Primeval II.

Are you surprised by the success of the first series of Primeval?

“I think it’s always a surprise. Deep down I was super-proud of it because it was so different, but I didn’t really expect anyone else to like it. I think Connor is one of those characters that people think they could know and so they approach me, especially with their kids. To have a connection like that and see in people’s eyes that they really enjoyed watching it and enjoyed the characters – that’s always super-cool.

And how are you enjoying all the attention?

“I enjoy it because it’s for this show which I love. I’ve not had it in my life before. But Primeval has become more than a TV show to myself and Hannah [Spearitt, Abby Maitland in the show] because we met on it. This will always be something very, very special to both of us. It was like the cherry on the icing of a huge cake.”

How has series two moved on without changing what people loved about series one?

“There is more action this time around and even the creatures are even more adventurous. Everything is braver and more spectacular this year. But hopefully we’ve kept the relationships and their foundations much the same. Because these people really do care about each other and while they don’t say as much, you know they would put their lives on the line for each other.”

How does it feel to know that there’s going to be a plastic toy made of you

“It feels strange! I’m a bit apprehensive because I haven’t seen it yet, but growing up, any kid’s biggest dream, I imagine (especially boys who grow up playing with action figures) would be to have their own action figure. I certainly never expected one and can’t quite believe it’s going to happen.”

And If you could have a weapon of choice for your toy, what would Connor have?

“He should have a bazooka. But I’m probably going to end up with a compass and a laptop. No matter what I get, it’s super-cool. I’m going to go to Toys R Us and buy hundreds of them. I’m going to create a Connor Temple army, and I’m going to line them all up in the flat and go to war.”

Sounds exciting. Who will the Connor Temple army do battle with?

“I don’t know yet! Maybe David Tennant. Yeah. David Tennant. I’m going to start a Connor Temple vs David Tennant war, film it and put it on You Tube! Can you imagine?”

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