Andrew Sachs appears to have not forgiven Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross for the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal, during which they left lewd messages on the TV actor’s phone.

It’s been over five years since Brand and Ross left the messages about Sachs’s granddaughter on his answerphone during The Russell Brand Show on BBC Radio 2, and the Fawlty Towers star has finally opened up about the pain the episode caused him.

While publicising his new autobiography I Know Nothing, Andrew, who played hapless Spanish waiter Manuel in the classic sitcom, told BBC Breakfast: “They broadcast it and it was filthy, not funny. It was disgusting. Hundreds of people wrote to us saying how terrible they felt for us and expressing their sympathy.”

He continued: “Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross didn’t find it disgusting, they found it hilarious. They both apologised in the end – after they’d been sacked! They sent flowers and apologies that meant nothing really, because it went on and they thought they were very funnny and very clever.”