Angela Rippon: ‘The over-60s can achieve anything’

Angela Rippon hosts Amazing Greys, a brand new ITV show that pits the young against some golden oldies

Four decades after becoming national TV’s first permanent female newsreader, Angela Rippon remains in huge demand.

“I’ve been working in TV for nearly 49 years and I’ve been very lucky,” says Angela, 69. “In this business, if you’re flavour of the month, you work, if not, you sit at home and twiddle your thumbs. For whatever reason, people have wanted to employ me and I’ve had a unique opportunity to do a lot of different things.”

Having recently finished fronting BBC1’s Holiday Hit Squad and with an ongoing commitment to fighting consumer causes in Rip-Off Britain, Angela now also appears alongside Paddy McGuinness on ITV’s new six-part entertainment show, Amazing Greys.

Pitching youngsters against golden oldies, this family show aims to prove that age is just a number. 

Each of the show’s “greys”, including England football legend Sir Geoff Hurst, 72, and restaurateur Prue Leith, 74, has a talent they’ve spent a lifetime perfecting.

Contestants will face a maximum of three “greys” in a series of physical and mental challenges – if they beat two of them, they’ll leave with £10,000, otherwise they win nothing.

“Amazing Greys will show viewers that the over-60s can achieve anything,” Angela told the Daily Express. “They aren’t ‘average’ greys, they’re ‘amazing’.”

Amazing Greys, ITV, Saturday, April 12