Anna Friel: ‘I’ve never looked or felt so good!’

Anna Friel has revealed that she’s embraced her new lifestyle in Los Angeles, declaring she’s ‘never looked or felt so good’.

The actress – who stars in hit US TV show Pushing Daisies – is quoted in Closer magazine saying: “When I arrived, I didn’t think I would get into it. Then I got excited, thinking I was going to walk all the time and eat healthily, like people do out here. But at first I was working 17 hours a day, so there was no chance.”

However, two years on and life is looking good for the 31-year-old actress.

“I never looked or felt so good,” says Anna.

“I do Pilates every day and then I’ll have juice made of beetroot, celery and dandelion leaves.

“You really notice the difference – with your hair, your eyesight, everything – when you have juices every day. Plus there isn’t a big party lifestyle out here – or maybe I’m working too hard!”

She added: “I was always scared of the thought of being out here, but I’ve grown to love it!”

Pushing Daisies will screen on ITV1 sometime in 2008.

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