There was another important vote this week, on Big Brother 2016 – and Natalie lost

After the EU vote on Thursday, the public faced another vote on Friday night… Well, viewers of Big Brother did

Everyone already knew that Friday night would see one Big Brother housemate leave the house for good after being nominated by their fellow housemates and then going to a public vote.

However, another housemate decided to make a dramatic exit of her own, mid-way through the show. Jayne made a run for the fire escape in an attempt to flee the house.

But, her escape fell on deaf ears. Her housemates weren’t really that fussed.

“Jayne’s escaped!”😂

Then she came back and everyone pretended that nothing happened.

Now, back to the real eviction. It was between Charlie, Natalie and Hughie.

The public were voting and had decided that they were fed up of Natalie and sent her packing. This is what the viewers thought.

Glad Natalie is evicted

Natalie was met with Beyoncé and a chorus of boos as she left the house, signalling that the majority of people couldn’t wait to get her out of there.

And there’ll be another vote next week

Big Brother continues on Channel 5, Saturday, 10.00pm

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