Anthea: ‘Eamonn and I will be having lunch soon’

Anthea Turner has insisted she and Eamonn Holmes have put their frosty time on GMTV behind them.

More than a decade after they fronted the breakfast TV show together, Anthea – who Eamonn famously referred to in an interview as Princess Tippy Toes – says the pair are still in touch.

“He texted me only the other day just to see how I was because we don’t live very far from each other now. And I will definitely see him over the next few weeks,” she revealed.

“We’ve been promising each other a long lunch for ages and I went on his programme when he had his Friday night show in Ireland. Life moves on!”

Cleaning fan Anthea, who is sharing her top tips on getting homes guest-ready with Ambipur Destinations, also said criticism of GMTV’s replacement Daybreak was too harsh.

“I have to say that I was away during a lot of the Daybreak furore so I read all these things, largely online, and then when I got back, I watched the programme and I thought it wasn’t half as bad as everybody made out,” she said.

“They just needed to bed in and settle in. I have been watching really, for the last six months, American breakfast television and they just have it so right. Keep it simple, don’t try to be too clever.

“The most important thing with breakfast television is to know who’s watching. People in the morning don’t sit down and watch – you’re having toast, a shower, a cup of coffee, getting the kids off to school. People are flitting in and out and probably watching 20 minutes at any one time and so nobody’s interested in fancy camera shots or an over-elaborate studio.”

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