After surviving three boardroom showdowns, car salesman Adam Hosker was finally booted off The Apprentice on Wednesday night.

Adam found himself back in the boardroom for a fourth time on BBC1’s hit reality series, after failing the latest challenge to negotiate prices for 10 specific items.

Eclipse, led by internet entrepreneur Simon Ambrose, won the task by just 97p after Adam’s team, Stealth, ended up on a wild goose chase for Nigella Seeds only to return to the boardroom without them.

The boardroom discussions turned into a very heated war of words between Adam and global brand consultant Katy Hopkins.

When Adam said he felt that Katie hadn’t given 100 per cent to the task because she had been missing ‘her friend’ Paul Callaghan, Katie retorted: “When your best friends are Mr Pinot and Mr Grigio [refering to how much Adam drinks], you want to watch it.”

In the final showdown, business development manager Ghazal Asif and Katie fought their corner. But despite Adam’s pleas that he desperately wanted the £100,000-a-year job as Sir Alan’s apprentice, the millionaire business tycoon had made up his mind, saying: “Adam, your luck has run out, you’re fired.”

Eight candidates are still in the running to become Sir Alan’s apprentice.