Ghazal Asif became the ninth candidate to be given the boot from The Apprentice on Wednesday night.

The 23-year-old business development manager was shown the door by Sir Alan Sugar after her team, Stealth, failed to win the latest task to create and pitch an advertising campaign for a new brand of trainers.

Sir Alan failed to understand the big idea behind Stealth’s ‘Music Is Everything’ slogan to promote their JAM footwear.

But Eclipse, led by financial adviser Jadine Johnson, and their campaign for the ‘Street’ trainer proved to be streets ahead, with Cambridge graduate Simon Ambrose showing off his wide range of skills by rapping and break-dancing in the promo for the campaign.

Ghazal returned to the boardroom to face Sir Alan with global brand consultant Katie Hopkins and advertising sales manager Naomi Lay in tow.

Sir Alan told Ghazal: “I think you’re just all talk and no do – and I don’t think it’s got anything to do with you being young.”

And he told Katie, who pitched the disastrous campaign: “You asked me to think like Jay. Well, I’m thinking like Jay and Jay thinks your advert sucks!”

He added: “And Jay says, Ghazal, you’re fired!”

For next week’s challenge, the remaining seven candidates must sell products to the trade.