Apprentice heats up with kitchen task

Sir Alan Sugar’s wannabes are given the task of running a gastropub in tonight’s edition of The Apprentice – and tempers soon start to boil over.

The rival teams, the girls led by Sara Dhada and the boys by Ian Stringer, take over pub kitchens in London and have just 24 hours to turn the pubs, which have never sold food before, into restaurants.

Choosing an Italian theme, the boys throw themselves into the challenge – but they soon come a cropper when head chef Kevin Shaw uses Dolmio sauce for his ‘traditional’ home-made bolognese.

He also gets all the ingredients for his Italian dish wrong and says: “I think of myself as a culinary adventurer.”

But Sir Alan’s adviser Margaret Mountford says: “His ideas of an Italian menu leave a lot to be desired.”

And the customers are less than impress as the boys start serving up smaller portions when they realise they’re running out of food.

In the girls’ kitchen, Claire Young slates Sara for ignoring her ‘Old English’ theme, opting for a Bollywood theme instead, saying: “English food has wider appeal. Curry is niche.”

Sara tells the cameras: “I am a really strong person and I feel like telling Claire to shut the f*** up.”

Despite selling 45 tickets at £5 each, the girls cannot serve a lunch sitting as their food is not ready – largely because Sara fails to buy enough spices to flavour the curries properly.

And Claire wastes no time in sticking the knife in, saying: “It looks like vomit. “I hate to say I told you so, but I said why are we doing a Bollywood theme when nobody knows how to cook Indian food?”

Tune into The Apprentice at 9pm on BBC1.

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