Mum-of-one Jadine Johnson was booted off The Apprentice on Wednesday night – after revelations that she was feeling homesick.

For the latest challenge in BBC1’s hit reality show, the candidates had to buy three products from one particular country to sell to the trade.

Jadine found herself back in the boardroom with telecoms manager Lohit Kalburgi after Eclipse, led by marketing and design consultant Tre Azam, failed to generate enough orders for their Swedish products: a wheat-filled soft toy, an air purifier and a vacuum cleaner head.

During the boardroom showdown, Tre revealed to Sir Alan Sugar that Jadine had missed the two-and-a-half hour ‘de-brief’ about the selected products because she had been feeling emotional.

Earlier, Jadine admitted that she was missing her daughter terribly.

Fighting back tears, she said: “I’m trying to make a better life for me and her. I want her to be proud of me and I want to give her the best in life. But I also want to be there for her.”

Because he’d been on the winning side seven times, Sir Alan spared Tre from the axe but then told Jadine: “I accept that you are a go-getter or a fighter. But I don’t think you’re a finished product for me.

“I don’t think that, out of the people left in this contest, you have the experience that I need now. Jadine, you’re fired!”

Next week, the candidates must sell products live on home shopping TV.