Apprentice Jim makes meal of fast food task

Apprentice hopeful Jim Eastwood makes a meal of a fast food task, when he gets berated for poor management by his kitchen hand.

‘Jedi’ Jim appoints himself project manager in the penultimate episode, in which the teams have to invent and run their own fast food restaurant.

Team Venture decide on a Mexican-themed restaurant and Jim decides on the name ‘Caracas’ – not realising it’s the name of Venezuela’s capital city.

He tells teammates Susan Ma and Natasha Scribbins: “It’s just a name that came to me… thought it was catchy.”

When the restaurant opens, he then gets into trouble with the kitchen hand, who tells him: “Please Jim, you should organise the kitchen… we are not ready… I need to talk to you about everything. You must think about things… it takes time to do.”

Meanwhile, Team Logic – including Helen Milligan and Tom Pellereau – also have naming trouble when they decide to name a dish at their ‘100 per cent British pies’ restaurant MyPy after Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who they wrongly think was British.

Wednesday’s episode is the last one before the final, which takes place on Sunday, July 17.