Kimberly Davis was fired from The Apprentice on Wednesday, carrying the can for one of the worst ideas ever conceived by a team on the BBC One reality show.

The show saw candidates tasked with creating a cereal brand, a character, design some packaging, put together a marketing campaign and film a TV advert.

Marketing consultant Kimberly, 33, headed up Ignite but the team bickered and Philip eventually bulldozed his character ‘Pantsman’ through, despite Lorraine’s protestations.

Speaking after the show, Kimberly said: “If this was the real world, I had my own company and if any of these behaviours had started up in the real world I would have had one conversation with them. I would have given them a warning.

“I do not tolerate that kind of behaviour in the real world.”

Sir Alan Sugar said Ignite’s campaign would have been: “Funny if it was in the middle of a Harry Enfield show but to actually use it to sell products is not funny.

“It’s stupid.”

Looking back, Kimberly said of being given the push: “I’m gutted, of course…

“I knew that I had a tough challenge ahead of me as Philip and Lorraine had never been in the boardroom before, but I really believed that I could convince Sir Alan and show their lack of professionalism and their flaws to him and I thought that he would be able to see through their faults.

“But unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.”