Apprentice Lorraine: ‘I feel for Susan Boyle’

Apprentice loser Lorraine Tighe has said she sympathises with the problems that Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle is experiencing.

Lorraine, 36, said: “I totally feel sorry for Susan Boyle – I’m surprised I haven’t ended up in the Priory myself.

“I really feel for her because I know exactly what she’s going through.”

Lorraine, who was fired by Sir Alan Sugar after the interview stage, said she was surprised at how much media attention she had received.

“Unfortunately, you put yourself up for these kind of shows and you have to put yourself up to be put down.

“I am disappointed with the way the press have reacted with me… I was on there to enhance my career and not to be media fodder, which is what I’ve become,” she said.

Lorraine added that reality TV contestants were naive to how the media worked.

She said: “We are normal people going into this process who’ve got absolutely no media training whatsoever.”

But mother-of-two Lorraine vowed to make something of herself despite the negative press attention.

“I will put it right and watch this space. I will come back,” she said.

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