Fired Apprentice candidate Paul Callaghan has revealed who he thinks should win this year’s series of the BBC reality TV show – and it isn’t ‘girlfriend’ Katie.

Ex-Army lieutenant Paul – the latest candidate to be told ‘you’re fired’ by Sir Alan Sugar – named advertising sales manager Naomi Lay and internet entrepreneur Simon Ambrose as the contestants who most deserve to become Sir Alan’s apprentice.

He said: “”They are both reliable, young and mouldable into Sir Alan’s apprentice. They are also thoroughly nice, decent people, and that counts for a lot.”

Surprisingly, he didn’t select Katie Hopkins for the job, despite speculation that the two of them have been having a relationship.

Posh boy Paul also reckons that Sir Alan is like a scary Army sergeant major.

He said: “The scariest person in a regiment is the regimental sergeant major, who is responsible for discipline. They scream and shout and get in your face. I would probably have to compare Sir Alan’s style to that.

“He knows it all, and he knows there are a few irritating oiks to be dealt with.”

Since being booted off the show, Paul is now training to be a chartered surveyor.