Apprentice quitter: ‘I would have won it’

The Apprentice quitter was revealed on Wednesday as Essex boy Adam Freeman – who says he pulled out of the show because he’s too similar to business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

Adam – who is Jewish, left school at 16 and lives in Chigwell, Essex just like Sir Alan – quit the BBC1 show just hours before meeting Sir Alan as he feared he would be ‘whipped silly’.

In Wednesday night’s first episode, Sir Alan (pictured) is furious when he learns that one of the candidates has dropped out and his name is kept quiet.

But Adam – who says he made his first million selling ringtones by the age of 25 – insists he would have won the tough business challenge series if he had stayed.

Father-of-two Adam told The Sun: “We would be like two peas from the same pod. Sir Alan would have been all over me like a rash. He would have wanted me to be as good as he’s been all his life.

“I’m up for a bit of pressure, but he would have whipped me silly. And I knew I would have won it. It could have been hell. Let’s face it – working for Sir Alan is no stroll in the park.”

Adam, who now runs a loans website, also admitted that he would have missed his wife and young daughters, so certain was he that he would have stayed for the entire 12-week contest.

He said: “I knew I’d win it, so I would be away for 12 weeks. I did think about bailing out after a few weeks – but I would have looked like a bottler.

“I’m not a bottler. I work hard and always have done. If I see Sir Alan around Chigwell I’ll still say hello and ask him to invest in me. He could do a lot worse.”

The 15 remaining hopefuls will take on the task of running a cleaning business when the Apprentice launches on Wednesday at 9pm.

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