Apprentice Simon: Kristina will earn more than me!

The Apprentice winner Simon Ambrose has revealed the full extent of beaten finalist Kristina Grimes’ devastation.

She was in floods of tears after the result was announced.

“Kristina is devastated – and I’m devastated for her,” he said. “I know how much she thought she was going to win. I always knew I was an outsider.

“She’ll be fine, though. In previous years the runner-up has always gone on to do very well so I’m sure it will be the same working for her. She’ll probably end up working for Sir Alan for a bigger wage then me.”

He may be Sir Alan Sugar’s next apprentice, but it seems Simon Ambrose is harbouring a secret heartache and is pining for his girlfriend who lives in Russia.

The 27-year-old admits he would be happier if his girlfriend was by his side.

The former public schoolboy told The Sun: “I’ve had an on-off relationship with a girl who lives in Russia for the past three years. She’s a singer but I don’t want to name her.

“It’s not easy having a long-distance relationship, especially not one of that distance. She’s a great girl and I love her to pieces but she lives so far away. That’s not a situation that’s likely to change in the near future, sadly.”

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