Apprentice Zee says sexism accusation is ‘baseless’

The Apprentice candidate Zeeshaan Shah has said he was shocked to be accused of sexism in the boardroom battle where he was fired.

Zee was project manager of the losing team on The Apprentice trip to Dubai and brought Natalie Panayi and Leah Totton back into the boardroom with him. But Natalie and Leah turned on the property investor, accusing him of having a problem working with women.

Zee said: “These are baseless allegations, I don’t know where Natalie pulled it out from. It’s completely below the belt and something I’m really not happy about. If you want to lie through your teeth then do it, but do it with some respect.

“There were certain parts of the boardroom that were not shown because I don’t think they could have been shown. There were certain things she said – you heard me say to her ‘Can you mind your language!’ And it wasn’t because she called me a male chauvinist…”

This week’s task was to source eight items for the lowest price possible for a new luxury hotel, but despite being led by Zee, who used to live in Dubai, Endeavour only managed to source three items correctly.

Zee controversially didn’t bring pals Neil Clough and Kurt Wilson back into the boardroom even though they had both been responsible for buying the wrong items.

Project manager Zee said he could see from the start of the task that the blame would lie with him. “Blaming started very, very early,” he said. “Normally when you get towards the end of a task and things haven’t gone well you see people blaming each other, but here from the start they were blaming.”

He made the prediction: “I think Luisa’s going to win. Everyone’s going on about the fact that she’s very girlie and a bit friendly and she’s always running around in pyjamas and there’s nothing wrong with that. But people are overlooking the fact that she’s a very shrewd businesswoman.”

Zee, who ended The Apprentice episode with the line, “The name Zeeshaan will go down in history. I’m not sure how exactly why as yet, but it will”, admitted he still doesn’t know how he will enter the history books, but is working on a trade forum between the UK and Pakistan and said, “it’s very important to dedicate yourself to a cause bigger than yourself”.

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