Apprentice finalist Claire Young has admitted that she fancies fellow candidate Lee McQueen.

Claire, a 28-year-old retail buyer from London, will compete in Wednesday night’s final with Lee, Alex Wotherspoon and Helene Speight for a £100,00 a year job with business tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

In an interview with Closer magazine, Claire said: “Lee’s my type of man – rough and ready. I’d s*** him, but only with his girlfriend’s permission.”

But it seems that Lee is not to only candidate to have captured the attention of Claire, whose nickname is ‘the Rottweiler’ because of her aggressive attitude to business.

Claire said: “Alex was really good-looking but he’s too young – he’s only 24. I caught myself perving over him one day and I thought: God this is so wrong!”

And she has been keeping a close eye on her potential boss, Sir Alan.

She said: “Sir Alan’s really fit for someone who’s just about to get their bus pass. He’s in good shape and I love his amazing suits.”

But Claire has already put her career over the man in her life, ending her last serious relationship after two years.

Admitting she’s not one to ‘make the tea’, Claire said: “I need a strong alpha male who’s not at all clingy – I usually terrify men.”

Watch the final of The Apprentice on Wednesday June 11 at 9pm on BBC1.