Lucinda Ledgerwood, the latest candidate to be booted off The Apprentice, has criticised the other hopefuls, claiming their behaviour verged on bullying.

The 32-year-old, famed for her wacky dress sense, said: “I would certainly say that I was targeted [by the other candidates]. I didn’t have an easy time. I would certainly not condone the behaviour of the majority of them.

“I wasn’t liked. My accent wasn’t liked and what I wore wasn’t liked. On occasions it was verging on bullying. I do not advocate bullying or bitchiness. You don’t need to resort to that. People’s behaviour should be addressed in the boardroom.”

She added: “The boys paired up and I was an easy scapegoat. But I don’t regret going on the show. I’ve learnt not to be so naive, not to wear colour if you want to blend in.”

Sir Alan Sugar told the blonde former risk manager she was ‘too zany’ when he fired her.

But Lucinda dubbed the business tycoon’s headquarters as ‘bland’ and claimed she wasn’t disappointed to have missed out on the job, which she dismissed as a ‘sales’ position.

Lucinda, who lives in Edinburgh, said: “The right decision was made. I was pleased to have gone. At that point I’d had enough. It wouldn’t have been right for me to have been located in the middle of nowhere in a bland office environment.

“I’m not going to be disappointed that I’m not going to be a sales person.”