Luisa Zissman is rising to the top despite not winning The Apprentice because it appears she may get her own baking show.

The Apprentice runner-up is said to be cooking up plans to front a celebrity baking series, according to The Sun.

Baking entrepreneur Luisa is thought to be keen to develop the programme with Food Network UK and has apparently suggested the name Bitch And Bake.

The show would see her interview celebrity guests as they baked alongside her.

A source said: “Baking shows are big business. At the moment most of them are fairly homely and safe. There aren’t any sexy hosts and Luisa could fill that gap.

“She’s definitely got a lot of sex appeal and if blokes had a choice of tuning in to watch her or Mary Berry, I know who most would choose.

“She went to an event hosted by Food Network on Tuesday and was overheard having a chat with the senior guys there. They seemed really up for the idea.”