Apprentice’s Simon: ‘I acted like David Brent’

The latest Apprentice reject, Simon Smith, says he deserved to be booted by Sir Alan Sugar, after acting like David Brent.

The 36-year-old former Army surveyor was axed after managing the losing team in a photographic portrait task.

He admitted that he cringed to see himself resemble Ricky Gervais’s clueless, embarrassing regional manager in The Office.

“I completely unravelled. I f***** it up basically,” he said. “I’m not completely delusional. I’m aware of my limitations. I’m a good team worker but I wasn’t a good manager.”

He says that he that was very difficult to watch his mistakes played out in front of millions.

“I wanted to throw my fist into the TV at the bit where I’m lying down on the sofa demonstrating how I want my customers to look.

“I was aware when I did it that I’d just provided them with an absolutely classic moment. Sir Alan was right to fire me.”

The dad-of-one has now got a job back with his former employer, rolling out new technology for the National Lottery.

He’s the lead engineer on a project to speed up the process by which information on ticket sales is relayed to the National Lottery by installing new satellite lines.

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