Apprentice’s Yasmina hits out at show’s editing

Apprentice finalist Yasmina Siadatan has said that scenes on Wednesday’s show were edited wrongly and as such portrayed her ‘unfairly’.

The 27-year-old told BBC News that she ‘had made a complete fool of herself’ during her interview with Claude Litner, during which he questioned the accounts for her restaurant.

However, on the show she appeared to then tell fellow contestants it had gone well – when in fact she had made those comments after another one of the interviews.

“They cut the wrong exit which was really, really unfair,” Yasmina said.

“I made a complete fool out of myself. I walked out and I said, ‘guys, that was just terrible – that was a really really awful interview.”

However, that sequence was never shown, and she was instead seen telling them it had been ‘actually enjoyable’.

In the interview, Yasmina appeared surprised and visibly flustered when Litner produced a copy of her business accounts and questioned her about them.

“I was expecting it to be a normal interview, but it was just a raw interrogation about my business accounts,” she said.

“Unfortunately I hadn’t thought about my business accounts in five months, so when he quizzed me I didn’t quite have the figures in my head.”

Yasmina said she has received an apology and had not complained to the show’s producers.

“I was slightly edited in the wrong way and they know about that and it’s fine.

“There’s no complaints and no hard feelings. It’s a business programme, it’s also a television programme. We’re not stupid. We’re aware of that.”

Yasmina and fellow candidate Kate Walsh will go head to head in Sunday’s final, for the chance to win a job with Sir Alan Sugar.

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