Are Apprentice hopefuls Glenn and Zoe an item?

Apprentice hopefuls Glenn Ward and Zoe Beresford have sparked up a romance, according to the papers.

The News Of The World reports that Glenn, 28 and Zoe, 26, hit it off when the first moved into the candidates’ Richmond home – but waited until filming had ended before taking things further.

“There was an instant chemistry between Glenn and Zoe when they met,” a source told the paper.

“But they knew they had to avoid starting a romance while under the intense glare of the show.

“So while they flirted in the house, they decided to hold off taking things further until filming ended. As soon as they were free from the show they started going out – and quickly fell in love.”

If the rumours are true the pair would not be the only couple to get together on the show.

Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh became the most high-profile pair to do so in 2009 – although Sir Alan Sugar is known to be less than keen on contestants dating.

“All the other contestants know about it and are delighted for them,” the source added.

“The only person who doesn’t know is Lord Sugar, who hates personal relationships getting in the way of business. When he finds out sparks will fly.”

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