David and Victoria Beckham could be planning to adopt a baby girl, according to reports.

The showbiz couple, who are already three sons to the good, have often talked about wanting to expand their brood and friends now say that since David’s trip to Sierra Leone, adoption could be on the cards.

One of the footballer’s friends told Grazia: “Adoption is something David has been talking about for some time. He first mentioned it after Cruz (two) was born – just saying he thought it was an amazing thing to do.”

Another source close to Victoria said: “She loves kids and it is her dream to have a little girl. It’s clear they both think adoption is great. It’s early days, but it’s fair to say that they’re putting the wheels in motion and discussing whether to adopt from Africa, America or the UK.”

And it seems the pair have been getting some tips from their showbiz friends in Los Angeles, including Tom Cruise, who adopted two children with former wife Nicole Kidman.

“Tom’s told [David] about how much pleasure he has gained from raising Connor and Isabella,” said another source.