Are you Britney’s biggest fan?

Ever thought of yourself as a world-leading authority on pop princess Britney Spears? BBC3 wants to hear from you…

The satellite channel is hatching plans for a high-profile new documentary about the iconic troubled music star, and wants to track down ‘superfans, lookalikes and Britney devotees’ to take part in the show.

“Do you have a personal story about why Britney matters to you, or a Britney anecdote to share?” ask the programme’s producers.

“Have you followed her career and every move? Do you know the words and dance moves to all her songs? Perhaps you model your style on Britney’s and change your look whenever she does, to the point where you even get mistaken for her or could work as a Britney lookalike?”

BBC3 say they are hoping to hear from all shades of Britney fan, both male and female and of any age, and will be organising a ‘filmed group tribute’ to the star as part of the show.

If you think you fit the bill and want to get involved, email the production team direct at

The closing date for entries is Friday 20 March.

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