Ashley accuses Laurel and Marlon of having an affair in Emmerdale

The confused vicar lashes out at his wife when he thinks she's cheating on him...

With Ashley’s dementia getting worse by the day, Laurel is struggling to cope and things are about to take a serious downturn.

When Ashley sees Marlon comforting Laurel at the hospital, he’s convinced the pair are having an affair and in the heat of the moment he angrily accuses his wife of being a cheat.

Laurel is beside herself and tries to explain to her confused husband, that he couldn’t be more wrong,  but as Ashley continues to berate her, it’s all too much for the broken mum.

Diane intervenes and offers to give Laurel a break but when Diane gets distracted, Ashley decides to take off his bandages and starts walking out of the hospital without any one noticing.

Where’s he going? And will anyone come to his help before he comes to harm?