Ashley Jensen hints at more Extras

Extras star Ashley Jensen has hinted that there could be more to come from Ricky Gervais’ award-winning sitcom.

Speaking the Bafta/LA Awards in Beverly Hills, Ashley – who played Maggie in the series – hinted that writers Ricky and Steven Merchant haven’t completely ruled out a comeback.

She said: “There’s a kind of a never say never thing because a lot of people have asked Ricky about this. I was like ‘I’ve got to know because people keep asking me’.”

Last year’s Christmas special, which featured Ricky’s character Andy rejecting his fame after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, was believed to be the show’s final episode.

Ashley says if Ricky and Stephen do writeanother episode, she’ll be on the first plane back to Britain.

“They’re onto various other projects already but I would love to do another one because it’s such a fun character to play, and it’s just such a beautifully written piece of work that I’m really fortunate to have been in and that I’m really proud to have been in,” said the Ugly Betty star.

And Ashley insisted she’ll be grilling comedian Ricky for a definite answer next time she’s sees him. She said: “I need to ask him again, I need an answer here!”