Ashley Jensen: I don’t like ‘hip’ places

Actress Ashley Jensen has reportedly said she would rather eat kebabs than dine out in LA’s poshest eateries.

The Ugly Betty star has come a long way since her frumpy role as Maggie in Extras, but says she would prefer to stay in with friends than live the high life in her new home, reports The Sun.

“I’m not into being seen at all these hip places,” she apparently told the paper. “I’d much rather have friends over for some wine and fish kebabs.”

Ashley, 37, made a glamorous appearance at a pre-Emmy awards party in a green dress and gold shoes, showing off her high-octane new image.

She plays wardrobe mistress Christina, Betty’s only real ally in the backstabbing world of fashion, in the hit US show.

Ugly Betty was nominated for 11 gongs at the Emmys, and Ashley’s co-star America Ferrera picked up an award at the star-studded ceremony.

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