Ashton: New 2.5 Men will ‘still offend’

Ashton Kutcher says he’s confident Two And A Half Men will remain a hit, despite the absence of Charlie Sheen.

The star replaces Charlie, who was dumped from the US sitcom, in the form of newly introduced character Walden Schmidt.

“The series has momentum. It has fans that are built in. I think the great thing the writers have done is they haven’t lost the sensibility of the show,” Ashton said.

“It’s going to offend people just as much as every episode has offended people.”

Charlie’s character has been jettisoned in a fatal accident in the top-rating sitcom, and Ashton fills the vacuum playing an Internet genius who is wealthy, but unlucky in love.

He moves in with characters Alan and Jake, creating a new buddy triangle.

Ashton, who sports a beard in the role, plays it coy when asked about the facial hair.

“You got to ask the writers. We’re not allowed to talk about the beard,” he says, then relents. “I was being really lazy when I met Chuck (executive producer Chuck Lorre) and he said, ‘I like the beard. Keep the beard.'”

Two and a Half Men with Ashton premieres in the UK on Comedy Central on Tuesday, September 20.

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