Sir David Attenborough fears people will lose ‘a huge source of delight’ if they start to ignore the natural world. David was speaking to at the launch of his new show David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, starting on Eden this week, in which the legendary naturalist focuses on creatures that have most intrigued him. Talking about the idea behind the five-part series, Sir David said: “It’s always been a private interest of mine – the history of those old explorers, superstitions and myths that they had about animals. We talk about how these animals became known and how the myths about them we’re dispelled.” The 86-year-old also revealed that he’s still passionate about the natural world – and thinks others should be too. He said: “Every child born starts with an interest in the natural world, they’re fascinated by it. Of course, as you get older you find lots of other things that are also interesting and maybe lose sight of that natural world. But if you do lose sight of it you’ve lost a huge source of delight, interest and pleasure.” David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities starts on Tuesday January 29 at 8pm on Eden. CLICK below to watch an interview with David Attenborough