Austin Healey revealed how he’s battling a fear of diving after a teenage accident to take part in ITV’s Splash!, because his daughters want to meet Tom Daley.

The former England rugby star, who has gone on to appear in a number of TV shows such as Hole In The Wall, is among the latest batch of contestants who will take part in Saturday’s heat.

And he said one of the prime reasons for taking part was to allow his children to meet Tom, who has been mentoring the celebrities on the high-diving show.

Austin said: “I did a little bit of diving until I was 15, then I banged my head on a board and cut my head open. After hitting my head I’ve never wanted to dive again.

“But I admire diving and my daughters wanted to meet Tom Daley, so here I am.”

Like many of the other contestants he admitted he is worried about appearing in his trunks on live TV, despite being regularly seen in an unforgiving skin-tight body suit in Hole In The Wall.

He said: “The Speedos are worrying me. I’m not looking forward to dropping my robe on the show and high-fiving in my Speedos.”