Auto-tuned Jedward ‘would have won X Factor’

Louis Walsh has joined the debate over The X Factor auto-tuning – saying that John and Edward would have won last year if they had been able to use it.

The show has come under fire in the past week following the news that auto-tuning was used during the audition stages of the show.

However Louis told The Sun that he thinks the whole row is a big fuss about nothing.

“Every pop star in the world uses auto-tuning, everybody,” he said.

“I wish I’d done it last year with Jedward. It might have helped – I might have won the show. There is nothing wrong with it.”

Louis went on to say that it is the musical equivalent of someone wearing cosmetics to hide their imperfections.

“It’s the same as wearing good make-up or having a good make-up artist,” he pointed out. “Every successful artist in the world uses it.”

“I think people are making a big deal of it. Other channels are jealous of The X Factor – everyone is. It’s the biggest show.”

Simon Cowell, meanwhile, has vowed to restore viewers’ faith in the show.

“People have got to be able to trust The X Factor,” he said. “We’re not faking anything.

“People love this show, millions watch it every week and we absolutely respect that. We never take anything for granted.”