Axed apprentice Gavin: ‘I’ll never live it down!’

Optical entrepreneur Gavin Winstanley has become the latest contestant to get the push from BBC1’s The Apprentice – and he admitted he did not see it coming.

The hopeful was put out of the frame by Lord Sugar after his team lost the weekly challenge by a tiny margin of just £8.

But Gavin branded the business guru’s decision to get rid of him ‘a mistake’.

The 27-year-old from Liverpool was project manager for the third task, in which the two teams competed against each other to obtain 10 different items, including loose leaf tea and chandelier bulbs, for the opening of the Savoy Hotel in London.

But Gavin came under Lord Sugar’s lens after what he admitted was a ‘poor team performance’ from team Logic – and a gaffe which saw him enquire about buying a top hat from a dry cleaners.

His team narrowly missed out on winning the task by spending £1,389.20 on just six out of 10 items on the list, while rival team Venture got hold of nine out of 10 items and spent £1,381.69.

Gavin defended his decision to enquire about buying a top hat in a dry cleaner’s called Top Hat Dry Cleaners, but admitted that he would never ‘live it down’.

He said: “I didn’t go in there to buy a top hat. I went in there to ask if they knew anyone around there who sells top hats.

“It was just a chance to ask someone who may have cleaned a top hat.

“But, to be honest, I think my friends and family are never going to let me live it down.”

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