The latest Apprentice casualty Michael Copp says he was fired because he didn’t ‘spin’ his efforts well enough in the boardroom.

Essex businessman Michael, 31, was on the losing team Sterling, competing to make and market a new condiment.

They decided to make a chilli sauce, but their first batch was so poor it couldn’t be used and they had to make another, pushing the unit price up.

“I really think [team leader] Katie or [manufacturer] Ricky should’ve gone. It was so obvious our loss was down to the manufacture. The manufacture was dire… The unit cost of 80-90p ended up about £1.25. My sales sub team was always up against it selling to trade,” said Michael.

He thought Lord Sugar would have seen that his team was handicapped by the wasted first batch, but admits he didn’t do enough in the boardroom to defend himself.

“I was a little bit naive and I think Lord Sugar made the wrong decision. I didn’t argue my point well enough and I could’ve done a better job of spinning, like the other two.”

Michael said the process was ‘fantastic’, but ‘stressful and highly charged. Just getting on The Apprentice is pressurised enough’.

He was returning to his business, Dream Bedroom & Kitchen Designs, with renewed enthusiasm and was excited about a new product his company would introduce later this year.

“I don’t think I really had time to shine and to show Lord Sugar what I’m capable of… I’ve already shown you don’t have to be slippery or mean to succeed in business. At the end of the day I run my own business and Lord Sugar is looking for a business partner.”

Michael said he couldn’t really talk about the girls, but thought Duane Bryan is the outstanding candidate among the male Apprentices. “He’s got a good chance – he’s a strong character and has good ideas.”