Axed Apprentice Uzma: ‘Girls were far more stressful’

The Apprentice reject Uzma Yakoob has said it was far more stressful being on the women’s team than working with the men.

Uzma became the fourth candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar when she joined male team Endeavour with Natalie Panayi for this week’s task, running a farm shop.

She said: “The girls were far more stressful because in [the boys’] team I couldn’t get a word in edgeways, but at least you didn’t lose your voice over it.

“Whereas with the women everyone was really opinionated – we’re all strong-minded women, and I’m used to working in a female-dominated industry with conflict, but they all wanted to shine.”

Uzma, who said she was ‘relieved to be out of the bickering and arguments’ of the girls’ team for the task, joined the growing number of The Apprentice candidates citing Luisa Zissman as the most difficult person to work with.

She said: “She wasn’t a great team player, put it that way. Her style and the way she’s playing the show is that she is quite difficult to work with and she lets people know that she’s difficult to work with.

“Because the process is so intense, I think some people will not even be bothered to take her to the boardroom. It takes a lot out of you and to go into the boardroom and argue with someone and fight your corner, it’s not a fun process and I think Luisa would find it quite fun.”

Uzma complained in The Apprentice it was ‘not cool’ as she tried to sell vegetables.

She said: “It was more embarrassing standing next to Alex [Mills] shouting in the middle of the street and Natalie who was singing in the middle of the street.

“I’m quite a shy person, people don’t see that side of me. I’m quite opinionated, but if you put me in the middle of the street with a bag of potatoes it probably won’t go down too well – I need to warm up.”


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